Cross Allergies- Pollen






Cross Allergies- Pollen

If someone shows a type I allergic reaction, IgE antibodies are formed. These antibodies recognize specific proteins (epitopes structures) on an allergy source. If these IgE antibodies come in contact with similar epitopes-proteins, a source of contact allergy, can be caused with similar allergic reactions.

e.g. when someone responds to birch pollen with IgE antibodies, these antibodies can be formed against a birch pollen component. These antibodies, due to the similarities of the proteins of the birch pollen with eg apple components, one can also react against apples with redness, itching, and swelling of the mouth, because individual epitopes are similar in birch and apples.

Tree pollen
Pome fruit (apple, pear)
Stone fruit (peach, apricot, cherry)
Kiwi, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries lychees
Hazelnut, walnut, almond, pumpkin seeds, peanut
Celery, carrot, potato, anise, spices

Celery, chamomile, anise, carrot, pepper, cucumber, melon, nutmeg, pepper, ginger, cinnamon, many spices

Grasses and rye
Soy flour, corn flour, peanut, potato, tomato, beans, peas, lentils

Hazel, alder, oak, beech, ash, celery / mugwort, almonds, carrots, nuts (especially hazelnuts, walnuts, Brazil nuts), soy (milk), pome fruit and stone fruit: apples, pears, peaches, apricots, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, plums / plum, cherry, plum, nectarine, jackfruit, rare: tomatoes (raw), potatoes (raw), herbs / spices, kiwi, lychee and avocado, celery, many different spices

Avocados, bananas, figs, kiwi, papayas

Dust mites
Mussels, shrimp, prawns, lobsters, crabs, crayfish

Hazel (→ rye flour), cashew, peanuts, almonds, poppy seeds, pistachios, sesame seeds, walnuts, kiwi, strawberry

Birch, mugwort, carrot, anise, basil, dill, fennel, oregano, cumin, coriander, lovage, marjoram, thyme

When food intolerances (pseudo allergies), the reaction is carried out not by IgE formation, but by a reaction to, for example, Histamine, serotonin, tyramine, salicylates.

Histamine-rich foods:
Strawberries, tomatoes, anchovies, pickled cabbage, tuna, red wine and champagne

Serotonin-rich foods:
Pineapples, bananas and walnuts

Tyramin-rich food:
Cheese, fish, yeast, sausage and chocolate

Nutrition Tips

Cross allergies may or may not occur. Each diet is that you first consult a physician to ensure a healthy and balanced diet. Before other diets are accessed, you should keep a diary to detect any allergies. Often, the food in the raw state, can lead to reactions, so that it may be sufficient to cook –prepare the food, or to avoid individual species in the pollen season.