Our skin is the largest and heaviest organ in our body. Its surface is 1.5-2 square meters and has a weight of around three kg. On each square centimeter of skin, there are three million cells, ten hair, fifteen sebaceous glands, three blood vessels and twelve nerves.  With age the skin and especially the facial skin is wrinkled.

How are the wrinkles?

With age the skin and especially the facial skin is wrinkled . This natural aging process of the elasticity and collagen loss is on the one hand inherited the “internal aging” ( intrinsic aging) (dry, rough, sagging skin, fine lines), and the other by external causes “external aging” (extrinsic aging) affected.

The most important factor is the outer UV light. Among other physical influences, such as cold, heat or wind, the lifestyle with cigarette smoking, lack of sleep, unhealthy low vitamin – high-fat diet, lack of exercise, play mainly an important role in the accelerated development of wrinkles. Thus it comes to pigmentation, enlarged veins, deep wrinkles, actinic keratoses.

By internal or external damaging influences (eg UV radiation), free radicals arise. These are highly reactive and have a strong tendency to combine with other atoms or molecules, proteins and cellular structures. This results in cell damage or even cell death. By free radicals it comes to DNA damage that can lead to malignant cell transformation (eg UV light). Therefore caused by chronic UV light influence precancerous skin (actinic keratoses, lentigo maligna ) and finally white and black skin cancer.

Irrespective of the facial muscles causing dynamic wrinkles. Throughout life, but increasingly develop from the dynamic wrinkles permanent wrinkles.

Depending of wrinkle, depth and location of the wrinkle treatment, various methods are used. Throughout life, but increasingly develop from the dynamic wrinkles permanent wrinkles.

Anti-aging measures:

In the first place the prevention is through appropriate lifestyle.

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If the wrinkles are present: the temporary treatment options

Light effects :

micro needling , superficial and medium depth peels

Medium strong to strong effects :

fractional laser treatment, deep peels, botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy

Depending on the region

1 eye area , crow’s feet

A with creams : Ingredients :

vitamin A acid , retinaldehyde, hyaluronic acid gels, vitamin C, vitamin E,

phytoestrogens, conenzyme Q10

B botulinum toxin

C chemical peels

D micro needling, mesotherapy

E laser

2 face

A micro- needling and mesotherapy

B chemical peel

C botulinum toxin – filler

D fractional laser treatment, laser treatment of spider veins, pigment spots

E creams with : Ingredients :

vitamin A acid derivatives, retinaldehyde, hyaluronic acid gels, vitamin C (L – ascorbic acid), vitamin E, phytoestrogens, conenzym Q10,  alpha lipoid acids, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs ), beta hydroxy acids ( BHA), kinerase or kinetin, ceramides, hyaluronic acid and collagen, keratin, grape seed extract, green tea extract and pycnogenol .

night creams

A new study shows that increases the skin temperature when we sleep, and that warmer skin can absorb more active ingredients of the creams . Choose a night cream with vitamins if you want to take advantage of it while sleeping.