( For the texts and pictures books, publications, guidelines for example in awmf.org and contributions of colleagues were consulted.)



Since the most common fungal infections are found in swimming pools, changing rooms (fitness studio), hotel rooms and bathrooms happens, there always carry your own slippers.

Dry after bathing and showering the feet thoroughly, especially between the toes. The drying does more good than the desinfectives.

 Keep your feet dry at all times (daily change socks, light footwear, foot powder between the toes).

 For heavily perspiring feet, frequently run barefoot and use antiperspirant preparations (foot powder, drug welding inhibitors).

In extreme exudation there are potent drugs applied externally and internally, and the injection of neuro- blockers.

Conveniently in a slight exudation act sage preparations. In pronounced cases generally antiperspirant drugs (anticholinergics) or injection with botulinum toxin treatments are required.

Any longer existing changes to the skin (redness, scaling) and the nails (discoloration, thickening) should lead you to the dermatologist. The sooner treated, the faster your success.