( For the texts and pictures books, publications, guidelines for example in awmf.org and contributions of colleagues were consulted.)

According to the recommendations and guidelines of the DGE:

A varied and balanced diet not only increases physical performance – but also their own well -being! Need not mean having to sacrifice pleasure to eat healthy here.

People who eat healthy, makes an important contribution to their own quality of life. All in all, a balanced diet is an important factor in order to cope with the daily challenges in private life , both in their professional life as well.

How much of what? The food pyramid is a clue?

pyramideHow much meat should I consume? How much fruit and vegetables should be every day?

There are recommendations, for example, the food pyramid as a help to offer.

The pyramid consists of eight food groups: At the bottom, there are foods which the body needs most – for example, drinks, vegetables and fruits. In the top of the pyramid serving less blocks have space – there are accordingly foods which you should consume less, such as particularly sugary and fatty foods.



1 Enjoy variety of foods

2 Plenty of cereal products and potatoes

3 Fruits and vegetables daily

4 Animal products with proportion

5 Pay attention to fats

6 Little sugar, watch out for salt

7 Drink plenty of water

8 Cook dishes gently

9 Time for pleasure

10 Staying on the move

1: Enjoy variety of foods

A balanced, healthy diet is characterized primarily by one thing: a lot of variety! If you want to eat healthy, it is important that you combine nutrient-rich and energy- poor foods in adequate amounts each other.

2: Plenty of cereal products and potatoes

Carbohydrate rich and thereby low in fat: grain products such as pasta, rice, bread, cereals, and potatoes form the basis of a healthy diet and are also our most important energy supplier! In addition to the necessary energy boost grain products cause the body to plenty of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, dietary fiber and phytochemicals.

Important: Do consume these foods if possible together with low-fat ingredients.

Avoid if possible white flour products and instead use as often as possible from whole grain products. Unlike white flour products, in foods from whole grains, the whole grains are used.

The advantage: The content of vitamins, minerals, fibers, and polyunsaturated fatty acids are significantly higher in whole grains!

3: Fruits and vegetables daily

Access to fruits and vegetables 3-5 x daily, preferably fresh or briefly cooked. For example: In the morning you can spice yoghurt or muesli with fresh fruits. And for lunch and dinner you can score with a vegetable side dish or a small mixed salad!

Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber and phytochemicals.

4: Animal products with proportion

Fish, meat and sausages are very nutritious.

Sea fish contains omega -3 fatty acids that meet many important functions in the human body. So you can taste two to three times per week a fish, about as small serving (70 grams) of fat fish such as mackerel and as a slightly larger portion (80 to 150 grams) low-fat fish such as cod or pollock.

Especially meat provides iron and vitamins B1, B6 and B12.

Quantities between 300 and 600 grams of meat per week is  quite enough.

The fat content of meat, fish and dairy products varies considerably depending on the variety, type and preparation.

5: Pay attention to fats

Fat provides us energy and is vital – but it can also quickly be too much! Since fats and oils are particularly rich in calories , dietary fat may promote obesity, if you overdo it.

Fats and oils contain vital (essential ) fatty acids, which the body needs daily. In general, fatty foods also contain valuable fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A or E.

60 to 80 grams of fat a day are sufficient.

It comes with a healthy diet not only depending on how much fat you eat, but also about which fat it is.

Its better to prefer vegetable oils and fats, such as olive, canola and soybean oil – or fat spreads, which are made from these oils. Vegetable fat contains many unsaturated fatty acids.

Caution: Hidden fats!

The fat content in many products cant be seen. The so-called hidden fats are usually found in meats, dairy products, baked goods, as well as in fast food and ready meals. Look at the nutritional information on the package .

6: Little sugar, watch out for salt

The one or the other glass of lemonade is allowed – but in moderation. Use sparingly products with sugar – and with food or drinks that are mixed with different sugars. While buying salt, you should make sure that it is fortified with iodine and fluoride.

Season a little as possible with salt – and instead use herbs and spices.

7: Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of water, it is healthy! Drink at around 35ml/kg bw/day, because liquid is vital. At high temperatures and great effort you should drink correspondingly more.Choose preferably water – no matter whether you prefer a drink with or without gas – as well as other low-calorie beverages such as diluted fruit juice or unsweetened tea. Avoid high sugar and thus calorie drinks or enjoy them in moderation. These include, for example, energy drinks, soft drinks, but also undiluted fruit juices and nectars.

8: Cook food gently

Cooking your meals whenever possible rather short and at low temperatures. Put water and fat it only sparingly. The nutrients are thus retained – even the taste!

9: Time for pleasure

Eating awareness also helps to eat right. And remember: Even feast for the eyes. Let us therefore take time both in the preparation of the meal as well as during the actual enjoyment of your food. This not only prepares joy, it promotes incidentally the saturation sense.

10: Staying on the move

A balanced diet you should ideally combine with plenty of movement. Daily 30 to 60 minutes of physical exercise or sports are considered optimal. The combination of healthy, varied diet as well as sports and exercise ensures the right body weight. This not only contributes to lasting health, it also promotes your well-being!

Also you should stay mentally in motion with example regular read – brain-teasers.