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Forchstrasse 138, 8032 Zürich
Tel.: +41 76 221 37 73
Office hours: 07.00 – 18.00

Dermatological office in Kreuzlingen

1 Medbase: Brückenstr. 11, 8280 Kreuzlingen
Tel.: +41 76 221 37 73
Office hours: 07.00 – 18.00


We seek for the individual-best treatment options-Advices for you with the dermatologist in Zürich & Kreuzlingen!

Our skin is the largest and heaviest organ in our body. Its surface is 1.5-2 square meters. Furthermore it has a weight of around three kg. On each square centimeter of skin, there are three million cells, ten hair, fifteen sebaceous glands, three blood vessels and twelve nerves. As a result we must take care of it. Similarly we must prevent it from being damaged by any ways.


Beautiful skin and healthy skin is not achieved easily. It requires to make a prevention and in the right time the appropriate skin therapy by an expert dermatologist. First of all It’s like exercise. Because the more you treat your skin in a cautious way the better. Another point is The more you take care of a healthy nutrition the better your skin will look like.

Take care of your skin. Because it is maybe one of the most vital organ in a human’s body.

So For the right Dermatologist in Zürich call : +41 76 221 37 73 for appointment

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Do your want your radiant skin back? So do you search for an expert dermatologist aphrodisiologist/venerologist or vein expert in Zürich, in Kreuzlingen? Does your skin need special treatment? You should definitely book an appointment to find the best possible individual treatment for you  in Zürich or in Kreuzlingen with Dr med Vassiliki Bekou.


1 Medbase: Brückenstr. 11, 8280
Tel: +41 71 4240444
2 Tel:+41762213773


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Forchstrasse 138, 8032
Tel. +41 76 221 37 73
Hegibachplatz, Tram 11, Bus 31
Parking Hammerstr. 61

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