Hair transplantation

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Furthermore, there is the possibility of hair transplantation using the following methods:

Strip removal and establishment of follicular units (FUE)

Here also a strip hairy skin is removed from the occipital region. However, this under a high resolution microscope (follicular units) is parsed. These follicular units (Follicular Unit = FU) are then inserted into the pre-preparatory areas.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)


The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), extraction of follicular units, referred to the collection, temporary storage (Storage) and implantation (insertion) of follicular units (FU). The units are of one to four groups natural hair. This method is currently one of the most modern ways of hair transplantation.


In an FUE hair transplant these groups are removed with a hollow needle from the hair ring area and placed in the respective areas. To implantation, the grafts stored in a nutrient solution. Subsequently, the physician, the follicular units transplanted into the bald areas.

A major advantage of this method is the ability to transplant body hair also. The transplantation of body hair but it must be noted that these usually have a different texture and color as head hair. Disadvantage of FUE method is the increased time needed for individual withdrawal.