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Mesotherapy is a newer method in which grid-like hyaluronic acid platelet rich plasma or individually tailored substances (a distance of 1 cm) is injected into the skin. The method is suitable for refreshing the face, neck , décolleté, back of hands and scalp in hair loss . This substances are increasingly bound in the tissue and stimulate the formation of elastic and collagen fibers (see picture 1-4). The skin appears firmer and smoother.

A combination treatment with the micro needling is possible.

Duration of treatment

Mesotherapy should initially be repeated at intervals of 3-4 weeks. Then therapies for maintanance are every 6-8 months advisable. Possible small bruise at the site of injection sites can be easily covered with makeup.

Mesotherapy with platelet rich plasma (PRP )

The autologous (own) cell regulation ACR is an innovative injection technique using autologous (Platelet Rich Plasma = PRP = platelet -rich plasma) cells for the prevention of skin aging and regeneration of damaged skin.

PRP contains high concentration of activated platelets from their own blood. These cells have the capacity to repair the tissue by means of specific growth factors and anti-inflammatory proteins.


By veinpuncture blood is taken, which is immediately centrifuged to recover the platelets. These are chemically modified to be equal to the desired skin area injected (fine needle technique within 2 minutes) (eg: face, décollete, back of hands, scalp in hair loss). Thus, the stem cells are activate and produce growth factors over time. This is a low-risk and safe procedure.

Treatment goals

– Improve skin texture and elasticity of the skin

– Regeneration of aging , sun-damaged skin

– Collagen and elastin stimulation (wrinkle treatment)

– Moisture retention and activation of hair growth

Duration of treatment

We recommend 3 treatments at intervals of about 6 weeks.

 Mesotherapy : Also this method can be used for hair loss.

Mesotherapy is a new treatment option at the onset of hair loss, to strengthen the scalp, the hair and against dandruff.

In Mesotherapy individually to the patient’s needs tailored medications, substances or PRP (platelet rich plasma: see under mesotherapy-PRP) are injected in small doses with fine needles or a special mesotherapy gun directly under the scalp to the hair follicles. Thus, the agents reach exactly where they are needed. Provided that the hair roots are still present, hair loss improves the hair quality, the re-conveyed and sustained growth. The needles used are very thin and have a special cut, so that no pain is felt.

The treatment is an outpatient procedure and takes depending on the size of the area to be treated from a few minutes to half an hour. Usually after a few hours, no more traces of the treatment procedure are seen, so that you can immediately follow up your daily activities.

The treatment is usually carried out several times at an interval of one week to several months. Usually range from 3 to 5 treatments to achieve long -term success.

Already after the first injection, many patients notice that the scalp has a better blood circulation and the hair loss stops. The hair loss is reduced from the third treatment. After about 2-3 months there is usually an increased hair growth.

Since the roots are lost in time, early intervention is important. The earlier the treatment starts, the better the chances of success. Due to poor prospects a mesotherapy is not recommended for more severe autoimmune activity or long-term baldness.

After treatment, the hair must not be washed for two days, so that the injection cant move.