Foam sclerotherapy

Foam sclerotherapy

( For the texts and pictures books, publications, guidelines for example in and contributions of colleagues were consulted.)

A further alternative to stop the reflux in affected varicose veins is sclerotherapy or foam sclerotherapy.  Foam sclerotherapy is a further development of the classic sclerotherapy. The process is often recommended for the treatment of recurrent varicose veins after surgery.

sklero-7-a sklero-5-aUnder ultrasound guidance a liquid (e.g. Polidocanol, Aethoxysklerol), is injected into the affected vein. Thus, the injection of the foam with absolute accuracy and safety will be provided. Often this liquid is being foamed up with air. The foam leads to irritation of the vascular wall which, in consequence, closes up the vein. The foam comes into contact with the wall of the vein for a greater period of time. This therapy can be applied to all superficial veins.

The disadvantage is, that the treated veins may show darker stripes or indurated strands over a prolonged period of time. In addition, multiple injections are necessary.

We encourage all of our patients elastic compression stockings for five to ten days after each meeting wearing sclerotherapy.