What can you do for the prevention of acne?

( For the texts and pictures books, publications, guidelines for example in and contributions of colleagues were consulted.)

What can you do in addition?

Inner and metabolic diseases, and intestinal colonization defects need to be treated concomitantly. New is proven in many studies, the over decades denied influence of diet on the development and course of acne. Here in particular the unfavorable influence of the consumption of milk products and of high-glycemic carbohydrates (sugar, sweets, white flour products), chocolate and animal fats, as well as the potentiation by smoking were revealed.

Eat healthy (salads, raw and fresh vegetables, lean meats and fish, dairy products). Little sweet (sugar, chocolate, sweets, cakes, sweet fruit).

Whole grain and brown bread than white flour products. Low-fat foods.

Vitamin B-containing vitamin supplements, iodine or bromine rich products are not recommended.

Cleanse your face thoroughly at night and apply the medication regularly.

Do not push or scratch even your “pimples” around! Let the professional cleansing trained aestheticians, you can otherwise easily cause permanent scars!

Cosmetic preparations can greatly aggravate acne. Please use appropriate cosmetics for acne skin (“non-comedogenic”) and only after consultation with your doctor or aesthetician.