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Botulinum toxin


Treatment of wrinkles with botulinum toxin is one of the best known and most effective anti-aging treatments. The cosmetic use of botulinum toxin for wrinkles is currently the most popular aesthetic treatment.

Botulinum toxin (a purified protein of the bacterium Clostridium botulinum) suitable for treating wrinkles caused by mimic such as the so-called frown lines in early to mid-stage. Botulinum toxin interrupts the transfer of nerve impulses to muscles, reducing their mobility and hence the wrinkles. The effect of botox is temporary and disappears after 5-6 months. As part of aesthetic medicine is the treatment of Gabella-fold (frown lines), wrinkles of the forehead, the wrinkles of glabellar (wrinkles anger) and eye wrinkles – crow’s feet. In addition, botox can improve the shape of the face and neck wrinkles.



Forehead (wrinkles surprise)

Glabellar wrinkles (wrinkles of anger)

Eyes (goose foot)

Elevation angle of the eyebrow

Nose (bunny lines)


Mouth and lips


In the treatment of wrinkles, the substance is injected with a fine needle into the muscles to be treated, so the nerval impulse transmission is inhibited. So it comes to muscular tension and thus wrinkles. Certain facial muscles can be weakened by botulinum toxin, wrinkles become flatter or regress significantly. For a lasting wrinkle smoothing the botulinum toxin should be regularly injected, at the earliest after 3 months the session to be repeated. The effect of botulinum toxin begins within the first week, the full effect is visible after 7-14 days, and can last for 4-6 months.